🍑Tropical Cheesecake Danish 🥝

3 Ingredient Tropical Cheesecake Danish - Save for later 🥝 
These Danish pastries are perfect for breakfast or keeping in the fridge for when a sweet tooth strikes. 
They’re suitable from the whole family but keep in mind that soft cheese has a slightly higher salt content so if you are giving to a baby under the age of 1 substitute the soft cheese for Ricotta cheese and they will be suitable from 6+ months.
80g soft cheese or ricotta cheese.
50g mango purée (I used @aldiuk mamia).
1 sheet ready made @jus_rol puff pastry dough.
Your choice of fruit to top (I used peach and kiwi).
Combine to cheese and purée by giving them a good mix in a large bowl 
Roll out the pastry and cut into 6 even squares. Us a sharp knife to make a border inside each square 
Evenly spoon the mixture on top of the pastries keeping it within the border and top with fruit 
Bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius