Welcome To Omnia

Behind The Brand

I’m Rosie, a first time mum and the creator and designer behind Omnia.

I have always been a lover of modern minimalistic Scandinavian design, loving the clean simplistic styles and neutral and complimentary colour palettes. Working as a Primary teacher I am passionate about the development of children, whether that be academically, socially, physically or even emotionally and have always found the key importance being on giving children the opportunity to explore and learn more about their surroundings for themselves. 

Prior to Omnia launching, it was impossible to find a neutral bib in the colours I loved without crazy patterns, cartoons, silly motifs or full of logos. As a mum, with a love for home interior and simplistic Scandinavian style fashion, I hated that our luminous blue and ‘Food Monster’ written bibs were an eyesore in our family home, and also didn't match the gorgeous outfits I bought for my little man… 

I asked myself is it really that hard to find functional baby's accessories in simple shapes, neutral colours and without childish prints?

That’s how the idea behind Omnia baby was born! 

Why The Name Omnia?

Myself and my husband both come from an Italian background and when we found out we were having our own little bundle of joy we prayed and wished very hard for everything to go smoothly (as smoothly as pregnancy and childbirth can go that is!) We would very regular go out for walks and pick up dandelions, each making a wish that our little growing baby would come into this world healthy and with a happy heart. When we discussed our brand name we couldn’t not go with the idea behind making a wish. We explored Italian phrases and words until we both stopped at Omnia. we searched its meaning and we learnt it meant “to be prepared for all things”, we loved it but were slightly disappointed that it didn’t have a link to our ‘wishes’ concept so we slept on it. The next day I simply typed into my search bar ‘What is the meaning of the word Omnia”, up it came “The meaning of Omnia in Arabic is to wish”, I couldn’t believe it. It was absolutely meant to be. 

Our Values

Each and every one of our products is something we as a family use and products that I have wished and wanted while starting my own motherhood journey. We absolutely value each and every one of our customers and will always strive to do our very best whenever we can to help and essentially be kind through continuously listening to our customers, and acting upon what they say.

Our products have been carefully designed and selected to be the best quality, beautifully simplistic, durable, long lasting and above all else extremely practical! Our products are not just beautiful but have been designed to ensure they help to reduce the ‘mess’ that comes with weaning. We believe style and substance can coexist, so great quality, design-led & genuinely useful things are all we promise to ever sell. In taking responsibility for the products we design and sell - we continually strive to lessen the impact that we have on our environment. 

Our Impact

Why Choose Silicone?

Follow Our Journey

We hope to add more beautifully unique products to our website as our young brand grows, and appreciate you supporting us on our business journey. 

Love Rosie, Vincenzo and our little Lorenzo x