Mushroom, Tarragon and Pine Nut Pasta 🍝 🍄 🌰

Mushroom, Tarragon and Pine Nut Pasta

Sounds fancy 💁 but this is actually very very very easy to make and full of nutrients.

Suitable for 6m+.

🥄Ingredients for the sauce:
6 mushrooms
1 tbsp garlic purée
1-2 tsps of fresh tarragon
3 tbsp pine nuts
3 tbsp cream
Black pepper

Chop and cook the mushrooms in a little olive oil or butter for a minute or so.
Add the garlic and pine nuts and cook for anothet couple of minutes.
Turn off the heat and add the tarragon and cream.
Pulse with a hand blender until smooth.
Season with a pinch of black pepper.

Cook your pasta as per instructions (I went for orzo but any is fine!) adding some peas, green beans or broccoli to the pasta water if you like.

Mix the sauce with the cooked pasta (just a spoonful per portion)

Creamy, mushroomy deliciousness! No salt added at all and plenty of iron, zinc, b vits and calcium 👍


Recipe from @babyledkitchen